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Our pumpkins have been coming on well over the summer months. I’ve seen lots of flowers but no sign of fruit yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

On the other hand, there was a brilliant surprise waiting in our school garden:

A full sized pumpkin! I’m still hopeful for our crop but it’s great to see our award winning school garden flourishing.

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From next week, our PE days will be Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child wears their tracksuit on these days only.

An important noteDo not send your child to school wearing runners with laces if they are unable to tie them themselves. This is not safe. Instead, they can wear runners with velcro straps or you can show them how to tie their laces at home.

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Homework in Senior Infants

So far this year we have continued with the Junior Infant homework of a fun book and Grow in Love on a Thursday. Starting Monday, there will be changes!

Your child will have:

– Their sounds copy- we will have a new blend each week once we start them. /ch/ will be the first blend. Currently we are revising JI sounds.

– A bag of sight words- New words will be added weekly. We are currently revising the JI sight words.

– A letter formation guide- This is to be used to remind children of the correct letter formation. It could also be used to practise letter formation with a dry wipe marker if you feel that is something which your child should practise.

– Maths copy – This is used on Monday and Tuesday night. On Monday, practise writing the first number (1). On Tuesday, practise writing the second number (2).

– English copy – This is used on Wednesday and Thursday night. On Wednesday, practise the first letter (s). On Thursday, practise the second letter (a).

– Grow in Love – As usual, this book will go home on Thursday night.

– Reader – When your child brings home a reader, it should be read by the child with guidance from an adult. Encourage the child to track their reading by putting their finger under the word and remind him/ her to use their sounds. No child is bringing home a reader yet and some children may continue to practise sight words and sounds before I send home a reader.

– Fun book- A new library book will be sent home weekly. This will have been chosen by the child and can be read any night during the week. It should be read by an adult for fun – perhaps at bed time.

There will also be an information note in your child’s folder to explain homework. It is a big change from last year so if you have a query about homework, please come and see me.

All for now!

Aistear · Important

Aistear: The School

We are setting up our Aistear area as a school this week. The boys and girls are taking on the roles of parents, caretaker, pupils, teachers and principals. We’re having fun setting up the classroom as we want it!

There are a few medical forms outstanding – please get them in to me asap. There are spares available from the office if needed.

All for now!

Motor skills

Welcome Back!

We’ve had a busy few days in Senior Infants and we’re settling into the routine of school. Today we were busy colouring and cutting. These are important skills for lots of reasons including concentration, precision, fine motor control. See some pictures below!

Thank you to those who have returned their medical/ accident forms already.

All for now!


Welcome To Senior Infants!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for the first day of Senior Infants! Be in your line at 8.50 and remember we will have a new place to line up – look out for the sign.

Home time is 1.30 as normal.

Just a note about lunches – we have various children with nut allergies in our school so any food containing nuts is not allowed.