Changes to Procedures

As we are implementing a new child safety strategy, there are changes to procedures in relation to school security.

Therefore it is especially important that your child is in the line at 8.50 every morning. Gates and external doors will be locked directly after children come in at 8.50.

If you are late to school, children must come in through the main door. Teachers will not be able to open doors for people who are late.

All visitors to the school will be admitted through the main door. They will sign in and be given a visitor badge for the duration.

Parents who are collecting children early will need to inform the secretary in the office and the secretary will arrange for the child to come to the office to be collected.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

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Stay Safe Programme

Over the next number of weeks we will be working on the Stay Safe programme which incorporates personal safety. You will have received a note in your child’s folder which explains the programme in greater detail.

We will be sending home a booklet one day a week with an activity to be completed at home. This may take the form of a discussion, a story or some written work.

It is important that each activity is completed with your child. The relevant sheet should be signed and the booklet returned in your child’s folder.

Thank you.

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Grow in Love

This week we are discussing the Sacrament of Baptism. The homework this week also focusses on this. As not every child may have been baptised, we have included a separate worksheet which focusses on a special day in your child’s life.

If your child has been baptised, please complete page 53 in the workbook. If they have not been baptised, please complete the enclosed worksheet. Only one of these options should be completed.

Thank you

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After Easter our Aistear corner will become the dentist’s surgery. We are already excited to get started!

This week we also worked on telling the time. In senior infants we look at the different parts of the analog clock (face/ long minute hand/ short hour hand etc) and tell the time in one hour intervals.

The children know that when the long minute hand is pointing to twelve it must be O’ clock. The short hour hand tells us which hour it is.

We also look at days of the week, months, seasons and daily schedules as part of this maths topic.

A reminder that school closes at 12.00 tomorrow.

Also, there is no homework tonight so don’t panic if your child hasn’t got their folder!

Happy Easter everyone!