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Sight Words

As well as learning our sounds and blending to read words we also learn sight words off by heart. These are high frequency words which don’t necessarily conform to the rules of the sounds we have already learned. For this reason we don’t sound them out as we would with ‘cat’, for example. We just have to learn them as a whole word.

Some sight words include see, like and me. I will be sending home flash cards of the sight words we have covered so far and I will add to the pack as we learn more. Please practise them at home – show your child the card and get them to say it. Initially they will have to repeat it after you. 

Our sound this week is /b/. We make the action of someone hitting a ball with a bat. 

Also, please note that this is the last week before the Easter holidays. School is closed on Friday at 12.00. 

See you all again on the 25th April when follow up parent teacher meetings will be taking place.

All for now! 


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