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This Week

We are working on the /th/ blend. This blend can make two different but similar sounds – /th/ as in ‘them’ and /th/ as in ‘thunder’. We are working on both sounds this week. This is a tricky blend so please practise and identify /th/ words at home.

We will shortly be finished sending home Junior Infant sight words for revision and moving to the Senior Infant sight words which we have already been working on in class. I am uploading a full list of these SI words just in case any words cards get lost. You can use the list to replace any missing word cards.

New sight words will be sent home weekly. As usual, they have to be learned off by heart as they are words which don’t follow the rules and/or appear frequently in reading.

We are into our second week of Be Well Month. This week we are looking at healthy foods. Children with healthy lunches will get a sticker for remembering our healthy lunches policy!

All for now!


Enrolment Forms

I have been informed that a lot of my class have not returned enrolment forms which were sent out in September.

We are hoping to take a whole school photo very soon for a new school project. Any child who has not returned the enrolment form will not be able to have their photo taken.

Aveline is sending these forms out to you again. This time, please make sure they are filled out and returned asap.