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Christmas Play

We are just starting work on our Christmas Play! Lines for each child will be sent home today.

Most children will be speaking their line as part of a group of narrators and one or two children have a line which they will say on their own. ‘Auditions’ were held to decide who would have a solo line/ song.

Please practise the line at home so that your child can say it off by heart with volume and clarity. We will also practise the lines in school.

We also started Irish dancing today with Claire. We will have 6 lessons with her.

Please note that there will be no Grow in Love homework this Thursday.

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Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings for Senior Infants will take place from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd November.

Notes have gone home today with a suggested time for you. I have scheduled all meetings after school. If you would prefer a morning meeting (8.20 am) please see me to arrange it.

Please return slips as soon as possible – slips should be signed by the adult attending the meeting.

Thank you.

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In November We Remember

Good morning all and welcome back to the new school term!

Please note that this week we will be discussing people who have passed away as part of our Grow in Love lesson. This may be a difficult topic for some families and we will discuss it in a sensitive manner.

The homework page in the workbook will be marked as optional and families may choose to complete the page or leave it blank. Have a look at the homework page below – you may choose to have a chat about the loss of a pet or someone you know or you may choose to skip this homework entirely.

All for now.

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Coming Up

This week and next week we will be working on the /ai/ digraph as in ‘rain’ and ‘pain’.

We have also introduced the + and = symbols in Maths and we are working on basic addition sums.

We have had our first visit to the spooky room and had fun discussing all of the Halloween traditions and characters.

New sight words went home today. These are the first of the Senior Infant words and as usual should be learned off by heart. You should also have enough sight words to make simple sentences if you feel that your child needs to be challenged.

We are still participating in Be Well Month with a slight delay. This week was supposed to be about being mindful. Since our week was so short, we will extend it to next week as well. Ms. Cawley will be doing a yoga session with us and we will be doing meditation and taking mindful moments throughout the week.

A note about the school closure – On Monday and Tuesday of this week, all schools were instructed to close as a safety precaution. This decision was made by the Department of Education.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who came to our PIP meeting on reading yesterday. The children love to see you come in and it’s a chance for you to have a look around their classroom.

If anyone has thought about volunteering any morning to help with folders, please let me now.

All for now.