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Our pumpkins have been coming on well over the summer months. I’ve seen lots of flowers but no sign of fruit yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

On the other hand, there was a brilliant surprise waiting in our school garden:

A full sized pumpkin! I’m still hopeful for our crop but it’s great to see our award winning school garden flourishing.

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Coming up this week …

This is Be Active week in St. Fergal’s. At 8.50 every morning we will be dancing to a different song. Tomorrow it will be YMCA. Here we are practising our moves in class!


Every now and then we use some of the interactive resources from an Irish programme called Bua na Cainte such as games, songs and animated stories. Today we started OĂ­che Shamhna (Halloween). We are working on cailleach (witch), pĂșca (ghost) and Ășll beag buĂ­ (little yellow apple). The animations are brilliant and very engaging for the children.


**Just a reminder to anyone who needs a morning appointment for their child’s parent teacher meeting – please let me know asap.**

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Last week we began our Halloween art as our colour of the week was orange. The perfect occasion to paint pumpkins!  The children used their cutting skills to make eyes, a nose, a mouth and even teeth for their pumpkins. I think they did a fantastic job. Our cutting is getting better and better.


We also had a lovely treat last week when we went to visit the spooky room. There was so much to see and we had a great time. We’ll definitely be back for a spooky story!


Next week we will be changing our Aistear area to a spooky witch’s cafĂ©.  The class have already been taking on the roles of waiter, waitress, cook, chef and customer in the restaurant and now we will be adding a Halloween spin to our dramatic play!

Witch’s CafĂ©
Witch’s CafĂ©

Next week we continue our Be Well month with a Be Sporty week. If you are in the yard before 8.50 in the mornings there will be dancing and music to get you moving. We will also be getting active with go noodle.com and Bizzy Breaks throughout the week.

That’s all for now.