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Maths Week

This week we are taking part in Maths week.

Mr Moloney organised a visit from Ms. Scanlon’s 6th class children who came to teach us how to play snakes and ladders.

The boys and girls loved having their older ‘teachers’ working with them.

As well as learning about taking turns and following instructions, the children were also practising number recognition, counting on and subitising.

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Coming Up

This week and next week we will be working on the /ai/ digraph as in ‘rain’ and ‘pain’.

We have also introduced the + and = symbols in Maths and we are working on basic addition sums.

We have had our first visit to the spooky room and had fun discussing all of the Halloween traditions and characters.

New sight words went home today. These are the first of the Senior Infant words and as usual should be learned off by heart. You should also have enough sight words to make simple sentences if you feel that your child needs to be challenged.

We are still participating in Be Well Month with a slight delay. This week was supposed to be about being mindful. Since our week was so short, we will extend it to next week as well. Ms. Cawley will be doing a yoga session with us and we will be doing meditation and taking mindful moments throughout the week.

A note about the school closure – On Monday and Tuesday of this week, all schools were instructed to close as a safety precaution. This decision was made by the Department of Education.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who came to our PIP meeting on reading yesterday. The children love to see you come in and it’s a chance for you to have a look around their classroom.

If anyone has thought about volunteering any morning to help with folders, please let me now.

All for now.

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Homework in Senior Infants

So far this year we have continued with the Junior Infant homework of a fun book and Grow in Love on a Thursday. Starting Monday, there will be changes!

Your child will have:

– Their sounds copy- we will have a new blend each week once we start them. /ch/ will be the first blend. Currently we are revising JI sounds.

– A bag of sight words- New words will be added weekly. We are currently revising the JI sight words.

– A letter formation guide- This is to be used to remind children of the correct letter formation. It could also be used to practise letter formation with a dry wipe marker if you feel that is something which your child should practise.

– Maths copy – This is used on Monday and Tuesday night. On Monday, practise writing the first number (1). On Tuesday, practise writing the second number (2).

– English copy – This is used on Wednesday and Thursday night. On Wednesday, practise the first letter (s). On Thursday, practise the second letter (a).

– Grow in Love – As usual, this book will go home on Thursday night.

– Reader – When your child brings home a reader, it should be read by the child with guidance from an adult. Encourage the child to track their reading by putting their finger under the word and remind him/ her to use their sounds. No child is bringing home a reader yet and some children may continue to practise sight words and sounds before I send home a reader.

– Fun book- A new library book will be sent home weekly. This will have been chosen by the child and can be read any night during the week. It should be read by an adult for fun – perhaps at bed time.

There will also be an information note in your child’s folder to explain homework. It is a big change from last year so if you have a query about homework, please come and see me.

All for now!

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This week

This week our sound is /x/ and we mime taking a picture. Not many words begin with /x/ but lots of words have it in the middle or at the end – fox, Alex, excellent, six etc. 

In Maths, are working on partitioning which is all about splitting sets and rearranging them to confirm that they still amount to the same total. This is preparation work for addition. 

I have included some new sight words in the packs this week. They have all been covered in school so just need to be practised again and again until your child knows them by sight. 

A few people have not returned consent slips/ tour money/ puppet show money. Please let me know if you are having difficulty – I am aware that it is a very expensive time of year. Please note: I CANNOT take any child on tour who has not returned a permission slip. 

All for now!

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Thank you to all who have brought back their money for photos. The deadline to return money was today so please do not return any more photo money. We are unable to accept it. 

This week our sound is /z/. We flap our arms pretending to be buzzing bees looking for pollen and say zzzzz. 

In maths we have just started work on money. In junior infants we identify the 1c, 2c and 5c. We also solve simple problems using money. 

Our Aistear has changed to the flower shop which is the ideal setting to play with money as the children take on the roles of buyer and seller in the dramatic play area.


We will shortly be sending home a note about the upcoming school tour and money for it will be collected in stages. We are also looking for parents to volunteer to accompany the three classes on our tour. This year we are very limited on space on the bus so we would especially appeal for any parent who would be willing to drive or take another parent along. If you feel you are in a position to volunteer to come on the bus or to drive, let me know and names will be chosen at random if we are over subscribed. 

Lastly, we are having our Maths PIP meeting next Wednesday 17th May at 1.05. Please return your attendance slip if you have not already done so. At the meeting we will be showing you a simple maths game which we have been playing in class. You will bring the game home and continue to play it at home. 

All for now, phew!

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This week…

This week we are working on the letter /k/. It has the same sound as /c/ so we do the same action – clicking castanets. 

We are revising our 2D shapes- circle, square, rectangle and triangle and concentrating on how many corners and sides they have. (For a circle we say it has 1 side and no corners)

In other news we had a gorgeous day on yard today and it was our turn to play with the Polydrons. Between castles and dance floors there was some amazing construction going on!

Official school photos are being taken tomorrow and I am still waiting on 2 outstanding forms – please return tomorrow if you have not already done so. 

We also have a big treat for parents and children to say thank you for attending the PIP meetings throughout the year. (We have one more in May) Stay tuned for news!

All for now!