School Tour

School Tour

We had a brilliant day on our school tour to Glenroe Farm and Zoom. Thank you to all the parents who came along and helped out on the day. A huge amount of planning and preparation went into making the day a success and I’m delighted that the boys and girls had such a lovely time on their JI school tour! We are lucky to have so many great amenities on our doorstep in Wicklow. Take a look at some photos of the day below: 

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This week

This week our sound is /x/ and we mime taking a picture. Not many words begin with /x/ but lots of words have it in the middle or at the end – fox, Alex, excellent, six etc. 

In Maths, are working on partitioning which is all about splitting sets and rearranging them to confirm that they still amount to the same total. This is preparation work for addition. 

I have included some new sight words in the packs this week. They have all been covered in school so just need to be practised again and again until your child knows them by sight. 

A few people have not returned consent slips/ tour money/ puppet show money. Please let me know if you are having difficulty – I am aware that it is a very expensive time of year. Please note: I CANNOT take any child on tour who has not returned a permission slip. 

All for now!