As you all know, notes have gone home regarding your child’s costume in the Christmas Play. Please make sure your child has their costume in school by tomorrow Friday 8th as we need to have a dress rehearsal before the big day.

Your child’s name should be clearly labelled on their costume.

Thank you.


Welcome To Senior Infants!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for the first day of Senior Infants! Be in your line at 8.50 and remember we will have a new place to line up – look out for the sign.

Home time is 1.30 as normal.

Just a note about lunches – we have various children with nut allergies in our school so any food containing nuts is not allowed.



We are missing 2 books from our library of fun books.  

1. Walking Through the Jungle

2. Snuggle Up Sleepy Ones

If you come across either of these books over the next few days or over the summer, please return them to me. Thank you. 


Senior Infant Book Bills

The deadline for payment of €50 deposit for next year’s book bill is Friday 30th June. 

Thank you to those who have already paid the deposit and thank you to those who have paid the book bill in full. 

Please let me know if you are having difficulty with this bill. I will be following up with parents/ guardians over the next few days.



Over the next couple of weeks I will gradually send home completed books and work belonging to the children. Yesterday I sent home the Grow in Love workbook. You can keep it at home. 

I will also be sending home the maths books, the handwriting book, the scrapbook and a variety of worksheets.

You may want to complete any pages in the book which your child has missed. 

All for now. 

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Planting & Our School Garden

Great news: Our pumpkin seeds have started to sprout, if all goes according to plan St. Fergal’s will be well supplied with pumpkins for Halloween 2017🎃

Look carefully and you can see the husk of the pumpkin seed still attached to the top of the plant! 

We’re still waiting for our marigolds to make an appearance but our cress seeds are doing well. They’ll be going home with the children soon!

Our school garden has been transformed by  Joe, our caretaker, and lots of other volunteers and helpers. It looks fantastic and was constructed using lots of recycled materials. We were entered into a competition for school gardens in the Bray area and were awarded a prize! It’s going to be a great resource for everyone in our school! Take a look at some photos below: