Coming Up · Nature · Planting · Science


Our cress plants have made great progress while the marigolds are taking a little more time. We have been having great debates about why our plants are bending towards the window so we have discussed the three things plants need – water, air and sunlight! 

A reminder that Sports For All day will happen next Monday (as long as the weather stays dry) This means children should wear their tracksuit and bring an extra drink. Sun block is also a good idea as we will be outdoors for most of the day. The day starts with a parade in the big field opposite St. Kilian’s. After that there are a variety of races for the infants. 

 Parents are very welcome to come and cheer us on but please be mindful that this is a new experience for Junior Infants and it is important that the children stay with me at all times. 

In the afternoon we will have a variety of activities in the school yard. For health and safety reasons parents can not attend this part of sports day. For infants that will be the entirety of their activities but there is a staff / parent tug of war later on in the day if any parents are interested! 
All for now. 

Be Active · PE


Since dancing has finished we have our normal hall slot back. We have been learning hockey and the boys and girls have been doing great work.  So far we have worked on gripping the stick, controlling a variety of objects with the stick, taking shots and passing. Take a look at some of the photos!

Coming Up · English · Jolly Phonics · Maths · PIP · School Tour

This week

This week our sound is /x/ and we mime taking a picture. Not many words begin with /x/ but lots of words have it in the middle or at the end – fox, Alex, excellent, six etc. 

In Maths, are working on partitioning which is all about splitting sets and rearranging them to confirm that they still amount to the same total. This is preparation work for addition. 

I have included some new sight words in the packs this week. They have all been covered in school so just need to be practised again and again until your child knows them by sight. 

A few people have not returned consent slips/ tour money/ puppet show money. Please let me know if you are having difficulty – I am aware that it is a very expensive time of year. Please note: I CANNOT take any child on tour who has not returned a permission slip. 

All for now!

Irish Dancing · PE

St. Fergal’s Feis

Today there was nerves and excitement as we had our dancing competition with Claire Dowling. The children all danced their two hand reel in front of the judge and I was so proud of everyone! This marks the end of Irish dancing for this year – thank you to Claire for her expertise!

Our sound this week is /y/. We pretend to eat yoghurt with a spoon. It’s brilliant to see so many children familiar with the Jolly Phonics songs – thank you parents! 

All for now.